Cleanliness - the salon has always followed strict protocols regarding cleanliness and hygiene 

  • All stations are sanitised before and after each guest (a station refers to any area where you may sit, relax or be cleansed)
  • All equipment is sanitised and then disinfected before being stored ready for use. (equipment refers to all tools used by your Stylist, such as scissors, brushes etc. Brushes are stored in bags to keep them sterile until they are needed)
  • Electrical surfaces that come in to contact with the hair, such as irons and clippers are wiped or sprayed using the appropriate anti-bacterial agent
  • Towels and gowns are laundered on the premises, after each guest. Laundry is washed at 60 degrees in the salon washing machine, using biological detergent and softener and then tumble dried for softness and freshness.                  Please note we have always followed this process, towels and gowns have never been reused without being laundered first.
  • All crockery is washed in the salon's dishwasher on a hot programme - we do not wash any crockery by hand
  • All surfaces are wiped down using an antibacterial surface cleaner 
  • The restroom is always cleaned regularly during the day but we are asking guests to let us know when it is used so we can clean after EVERY use
  • Cleaning stations are set up clearly marking storage for "clean" and "dirty" items
  • Floors are kept clean and free from debris during the day and hoovered, mopped and then steamed at the end of each evening
  • Card machine is wiped clean after every use using a SaniSurface Anti-bacterial cleansing wipe
  • Cash is wiped using SaniSurface wipes before being placed in the till
  • All handles are also cleaned using the SaniSurface wipes

Sanitisers and Anti-bacterials

  • Barbicide
  • Clippercide
  • Sani Surface Anti-bacterial surface cleansing wipes
  • Winter in Venice Hand Sanitiser
  • All Clear - Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial, Disinfectant Surface Cleaner Spray
  • All Clear - Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial, Disinfectant Floor Cleaner
  • Dettol
  • Paul Mitchell Antiseptic Tea Tree Hand Wash

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