As a close contact business, we have taken the threat of COVID19 seriously and have introduced many different measures to help to STOP the spread.


Please find below a Q&A to questions we have already received and hopefully answer any questions you may have but if there is anything else that we have forgotten, please feel free to get in touch





What are your business hours at the moment?

The salon has returned to its normal operating hours.



What changes have you made?

Whoa, how long have you got!? We are so excited to tell you that we have made lots of changes to keep you and the team safe and comfortable during your visit:

  1. All new furniture
  2. Brand new spaciously organised reception area
  3. Removed the waiting area
  4. Organised arrival and departure procedures
  5. Your all new Colour Bar has been extended and moved to allow for more space in between guests and your chairs can be swivelled in opposite directions should you wish
  6. Gone are the beautiful white sofas in the chill out area, but in their place are some gorgeous chairs so you can still relax but have the peace of mind with social distance
  7. New sparkly guest only toilet, complete with disposable towels and Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hand Wash
  8. Staggered appointments so only one person arrives / leaves at one time
  9. Extended appointment times
  10. No walk-ins at this time
  11. Only guests having services will be in the salon
  12. The basins in the Hydration Lounge have been replaced for new, more luxurious ones and distanced further apart with beautiful Paul Mitchell screens in between each of them.
  13. The Hydration Lounge has also had a facelift with stylish coverings on the wall making it more sanitary and hygienic
  14. The Cutting Suite has been moved around and the stations distanced further apart. We have beautiful Paul Mitchell screens that can separate workstations if necessary but whenever possible, we limit the amount of stylists using the space at any one time anyway.
  15. The salon has been completely refurbished to within an inch of its life, making it airy and even more spacious than before. (Also decorated in a wipeable paint)
  16. PPE including masks, visors and gloves etc...
  17. Antiseptic, antibacterial and Coronavirus busting lotions and potions, Santisers and Wipes
  18. Disposable Cups
  19. Disposable towels
  20. The teams’ personal affects have been moved to a secure area to allow for the back door to be left open for fresh, circulating air. Where monitoring of the front door is possible, we will also open the front door to allow for an even fresher breeze to circulate around the salon.
  21. The team have all completed additional infection control courses, including COVID 19 protocols




Can I come straight in?

The door will be locked but please don’t panic, there is a lecturn with welcome back instructions in the porch and the stylist will let you in upon your arrival. We are trying to reduce the amount of contact to the door handle and hopefully eliminate any potential cross-contamination. It will be sanitised but the less contact, the better.

Please don’t be offended that we can’t greet you with handshakes and hugs, we are doing our bit to help stop the spread of the virus.


Can I arrive early?

If you arrive early, we ask that you wait in your car or outside until your appointment time


What happens if I’m late?

All appointments have been staggered so that no two guests should arrive at the same time. Due to the strict staggering of guests’ appointments, if you are late, we may have to ask you to reschedule as that will impact on the next guest.


Do I need to bring my own sanitiser?

No, we’ve got you covered. The stylist will greet you at the door and ask you to pop out your hands for them to put sanitiser on for you, alleviating any concerns about cross-contamination from a shared bottle. They will place it on the palms of your hands for you to rub in. However, if you’d rather bring your own, please feel free, the stylist will just ask you to put it on when you enter.





Should I wear a mask?

Yes please. From Saturday 8th August, the government guidelines have changed and they are enforcing the usage of face coverings. You will need to bring one to your appointment.


Those that are exempt for medical or equality reasons will not be required to wear one and there is no necessity for you to prove your exemption to us as a salon.


However, local authorities have the power to enforce it and close the premises if it is found to not be following guidelines safely.


if you have any concerns, please feel free to get in touch and we will happily assist you where we can




Should I wear gloves?

Please do not wear gloves to the salon. If you would like to wear gloves, we can provide you with a single use pair.



Will you be wearing PPE?

Absolutely! The team must wear masks and visors at all times during your service and will wear gloves, whenever possible. This is in addition to their usual PPE during colouring services. These are strange times and will take some getting used to, so if you are nervous in any way, please let your stylist know; they'll be happy to explain our procedures.




How do I know that your equipment has been sanitised?

We are fanatical about being fanatical about being clean! Always have been! We are also very proud of our hygiene regimes so if you want to know what we do, ask, we are always happy to share! In addition to our usual Barbicide and Disinfectant lotions and potions, we have invested in gallons of

  • “All Clear” a specific cleaning agent that targets Coronavirus.
  • Sanitisers for the stylists to use on their own hands and yours when you arrive
  • Santiser wipes for your phone screens, the card machine and anything else you might need it for!


Your stylist always has, and will continue to, clean and disinfect all of their tools in between every guest; that includes their station and chair, brushes, scissors, irons, clippers and anything else they may use during your visit. You will notice the cleaning stations set up, in and around the salon, they have always been there, just out of sight; but are now visible for your peace of mind!


We have ALWAYS laundered all gowns and towels on the premises at 60 degrees, they are laundered using a biological detergent, followed by Softener and then tumbled to make them nice and soft! We can proudly proclaim that they have never been used on more than one guest 


To find out more about our cleaning protocols click here





Can I bring a friend / relative to my appointment?

Unfortunately, not at this time, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


What if my husband / partner / child has an appointment at the same time as me?

We are only able to invite one of you in at a time so you will have to adopt a “one in – one out” approach. As soon as your service is complete, we would ask that you go and wait outside, or in the car, for the next family member to come in – so on and so forth.


Can I use the rest room?

Of course!!! It’s all new, beautiful and sparkly and waiting for just you guests, no more sharing with us! There is Paul Mitchell antiseptic Tea Tree Hand Wash for your use and we ask that, if you're wearing them, you pop your gloves back on before entering the salon again. We also ask that you let a team member know that you have used the rest room so that we can deep clean it ready for the next guest.


Can I have a drink?

Unfortunately at this time, we cannot offer our usual delicious menu choices. However we can still offer bottled water or water in a disposable cup. As we already offer still and sparkiling water, we will contine to do so, just no fancy glasses or ice and a slice for now.

Please note the guidelines also state that no food can be consumed by guests in the salon. I know at times some of you have brought your lunch or snacks with you but for now, please don't as we aren't able to permit you to eat it.



Will there be magazines?

Sorry there will not be magazines as they can’t be cleansed but you can bring your own if you’d like. All we ask is that you take them away with you after.




Will I still be able to use my mobile?

As mobiles contain a high volume of bacteria, we respectfully request that you don’t use your mobile whilst the stylist is in contact with you. Obviously you may want to use your phone during a longer service, such as a colour, all we ask is that you wipe the screen with a sanitiser wipe that we are happy to provide.






How do I pay?

To alleviate any unnecessary footfall your stylist will check you out in your seat at the station and you can pay using the following methods:


  1. Cash (Exact amount where possible but we can give change that will have been sanitised)
  2. Card (if paying by card, please don’t remove your gloves until you have done so)
  3. Direct Transfer
  4. PayPal



Can I still tip my stylist if I want to?

Of course you can, there is a small pot attached to the stylist’s mirror, we ask that you place the cash in there for them, that way it can be sanitised at the end of the day. Unfortunately, it will have to be exact cash as we are trying to limit the amount of cash being exchanged in the till.



Can I rebook?

Absolutely and we thoroughly recommend it! Your stylist will rebook your appointment whilst you are still at the station, again alleviating the amount of foot traffic at the reception desk.



Can I buy retail?

Retail will still be available and can still be advised upon and purchased, but in order to keep it sanitised, we aren’t allowing guests to handle it. Please ask your stylist and they will happily ensure that it is handled with gloves and placed straight into a retail bag for your convenience.






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