Emily - Creative Stylist

Emily has had the longest Apprenticeship ever! Firstly being placed on the wrong course and having to start again and then COVID! Emily was supposed to qualify in March 2020 and has been patiently waiting ever since!


Her exam has been cancelled and rescheduled more times than we can count. Making her the most experienced 'Apprentice' ever although, only on paper, in reality her skill set is so precise, you could be forgiven for not realising she was still training! Her regular guests love her!

Fingers crossed she is finally getting to take it on 26th April 2021 (if it isn't delayed again) we have no doubt she will pass with flying colours!

Today we had confirmation that she passed!!! 


Emily is always happy, adding a dash of sparkle and joy to the salon atmosphere and is regularly voted student of the month at college!


As our Creative Stylist she also leads our Future professionals and Guest Services team. Why not pop along and meet her? 


Check out some of her work below :)




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